• Scent layering in the home.

    Scent layering in the home. Scent layering in the home is where you have the same scent or a complementary scent but using different mediums. Scent layering in the home is becoming extremely popular. You can create a mood in a room with lighting, colour or scent. Scent is now becoming the new moo... View Post
  • Welcome to the new website

    We know you love our beauty products……. Well now you can buy online!   Don’t you just love online shopping? It’s convenience, the variety it and allows the time to sit back, relax with a cuppa and check out the key product benefits. Well …..Beyond Beauty are now offering this to you…. I welcome ... View Post
  • Henna Brows - All you need to know!

      What are Henna brows? Henna brows are the next big thing in brow treatments. The Henna we use has no orange or yellow undertones and contains 100% pure Henna. Clients with sparse brows can now enjoy full, beautiful brows for weeks without the need to pencil of powder in. The Henna treatm... View Post