• Incense sticks.

Incense sticks.


Our gorgeous incense sticks smell truly amazing. Incense is not just to be enjoyed while meditating or practicing Yoga. They can be enjoyed at any time to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Burning Incense Sticks are a simple but powerful way to enhance your home, easing stress and anxiety.

Never leave the room while burning incense. Light with match then blow out flame to allow stick to smoulder down. 

Vanilla and Cocoa Bean - An oriental scent with top notes of Bergamot, Strawberry, Dewberry and cocoa followed with Jasmine Rose and honey on a base of Vanilla Tonka,Musk and Amber.

Italian Coast  - A fresh marine scent. Top notes are Bergamont, Mandarin and Nutmeg leading to Ozone, Water-Lilly on a base of Ceder , Amber and Musk.

Black pomegranate - Our Black  Pomegranate opens with Pink Pepper followed with Cardamon,Frankincense , Lime, Lemon and Clove. Fruity notes are Apple, Plum and Raspberry  on a base of Amber and Tobacco.

Log Fire - Imagine the smell from a cracking Log fire with rich warm top notes of citrus and herbs on a bed of Tobacco, Leather and Jasmine with a base of Musk , smokey Vetiver and Moss.

Tobacco and Leather- A rich woody scent with spicy notes, including Rose and Ceder. On a base of Amber, Musk, Leather and Vanilla.  

Devon Coast -Coconut and lime fragrance opening with lime, lemon, orange, apple and creamy coconut on a sweet base of vanilla and musk.

Seasonal Scents.

Clove and Ginger - Rich and creamy autumnal scent with lashings of clove, ginger and nutmeg.

Cinnamon and Orange - A classic Christmas combination of fresh oranges mixed with Cinnamon, Ginger and creamy Vanilla.